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2015 Recreational Atlantic Tunas Retention Limits Here you go fresh from NMFS…Bluefin tuna regulations for 2015: Effective May 15, 2015, the bluefin tuna (BFT) daily retention limits are increased from the default of 1 BFT measuring 27-

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Courtesy of The Fisherman Magazine. NJ UPDATES FLUKE, SEA BASS AND STRIPED BASS New Jersey’s summer flounder, black sea bass and striped bass bonus program get updates for 2015 after an April 9th meeting of the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council in Stafford Township. By Jim Hutchinson, Jr. Friday, April 10, 2015 (8:26 a.m.) – […]

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2015 Recreational Atlantic Tunas Retention Limits NOAA Fisheries recently updated the new 2015 regulations on Bluefin Tuna for recreational and head/charter boats. As they stand now the new regulations will for sure negatively impact the charter industry. I would expect an addendum hopefully by early spring allowing us and additional fish. Once again all anglers […]

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Happy New Year! I would like to start off by thanking everyone of you… sponsors and members alike for making Bend The Rod the greatest and most positive place to talk fishing. When Aaron and I started this site 2 years ago we had the vision of a positive forum that brought a free place […]


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I would like to start out by thanking our host Capt. Jon Weiss of Offshore Bait and Tackle located in Atlantic City. Capt. Jon contacted me with not only the idea, but put forth a tremendous amount of effort and resources to making this event happen. What a day to hold what we now can […]

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Contributed by: Keep America Fishing & Bend The Rod In response to declining populations of striped bass, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is considering a reduction in recreational and commercial fishing mortality by 25 percent. Changes to striped bass regulations could have a significant impact on anglers like you, so your input is needed […]